The Parlors

The upstairs parlor contains a beautiful desk and study. The downstairs parlor features a beautiful, classic organ.

The Bathroom

The bathroom features a traditional woven rug and clawfoot bathtub. The walls have beautiful panels of dark wood.

The Bourne Society for Historic Preservation is proud to present the historical Briggs-McDermott House! The Society‚Äôs friends and members have generously donated many furnishings to the Briggs-McDermott family and also maintain a period garden and small granite walled barn. 

The Bedrooms

The Briggs house features two beautiful,

time-accurate bedrooms upstairs, complete with mannequins that demonstrate how a family of the time may have lived!

Bourne Society for Historic Preservation

The Music Room

The ceiling in the music room was painted by Charles Raleigh. He was a self-taught marine painter who not only did many of the ships coming and going through New Bedford harbor, but he also painted ceilings, carriages, and furniture.  He lived in Bourne in his later years. 

The Alan Green Carriage House

The beautiful Alan Green Carriage House displays vintage carriages, sleds, and other historical farming tools year round!

The Dining Room

The dining room is a beautiful room with gorgeous floral, maroon wallpaper. The painting above the fireplace was painted by Charles Raleigh, the same man who painted the Music Room ceiling. It is called "Fernandina".